About Me

I love to create and live for telling compelling stories. My heart has always had a gravitational pull towards art and design. A strong belief in form & function makes me gaga for graphic and interior design. I have an appreciation for minimalism and eccentricity when they work hand-in-hand.

An Austin based designer, dog mama, coffee drinker, instagram-obsesser, restaurant explorer and Montana native.  My happiest days are spent renovating our east Austin home and walking the pups along the river. 

+ Proud gryffindor.
+ Boston terriers are the very best.
+ My current travel bucket list is: Scotland, Prague, Spain & Hawaii.
+ I grew up the only girl in my whole family.
+ Member of the 5 ft and use kitchen utensils to reach high things.
+ Invisible Monsters by Chuck Palahniuk is my favorite book.
+ Sentient robots are sometimes cuter than puppies.
+ I will forever have a crush on Leonardo Dicaprio.
+ Favorite movies: Jurassic Park, Fight Club, Moonrise Kingdom & Indiana Jones.